Thursday, October 24, 2013

NEWS: Hiatus

I've been thinking about this for a while - and you can find out more about my reasons after the jump - but for now, I'm going to put That Figures on an indefinite hiatus.

As regular readers have probably noticed, the posting quota around here has been pretty light for the last few weeks. Put simply, I'm just not enjoying this blog any more. Whether it's due to the lack of anything to really blog about (most of the toy lines I collect have either been cancelled or are now - for some utterly baffling reason - nigh-on impossible to find at retail) or the fact that after doing this for so many years the novelty has worn off, I don't know. Whatever the reasons, I'm simply not having as much fun researching and reviewing toys in the way I used to a year or so ago.

It's also become increasingly disappointing over the last year or so that the site's audience numbers have stagnated and, without sounding mercenary about it, the amount of time I invest in running the blog simply doesn't give a big enough return in terms of the interest it generates. I know it's not all about numbers but it's also somewhat disheartening to be what feels like an unheard voice in the wilderness (and no, this isn't a sympathy post either!)

I'd like to give a shout out to the many, many people I've ''met'' during my time running this blog, too many to mention but you all know who you are, and to everybody that's supported That Figures over the last few years. It's been great chatting to fellow collectors and to toy creators around the world and if there's one thing I'm going to miss about running the blog, it's the conversations, feedback and toy-related funkiness.

My plan is to keep the site as it is right now and, maybe, a few months down the line I may feel the urge to return and pick up where I left off. From the blog stats it's pretty obvious that the site keeps ticking over with a fairly constant number of visitors (regardless of whether I post anything or not) so we'll see how that pans out.

In the meantime, I've been working on a new project - one utterly unrelated to toy collecting - that I plan on updating sporadically, as and when I'm inspired to do so, but if you'd like to read my attempts at comedy (some of which isn't suitable for children or the easily offended), then feel free to check out my satirical TV guide, Dfinite.

Thanks and Happy Toy Hunting!

- Iok
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